Artist Statement


Kristine went to school for Forestry and Parks & Recreation.  She has worked as a radio operator for forest fires, a tree planter, timber cruiser, park interpreter …  It’s not hard to see she loves being outdoors.   Her journey in art began when she started taking classes in fine arts and attended workshops with working artists. She learned techniques and explored different styles and mediums before finding her voice in painting.

Kristine starts a painting from one of her photographs but finishes it intuitively. She explores ways to enhance the light in a painting.  Light creates a mood. It affects how we see colour, contrasts and shadow which adds to the story in a painting.  Her favourite part when spending time in nature is in quiet observation, she claims that’s when the magic happens …  those are the moments… that inspire her to paint.  If she can convey the beauty, story and spirit of a moment in nature,  even in a small way, she feels successful.


Kristine McGuinty AFCA